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Ze Ze Lai was born in Hong Kong. A watercolor artist, she has had extensive experience in the art field and design industry. Throughout her career, she has held the role of a graphic designer, an art illustrator and a publisher. She was also involved in the medical and educational field in the past.

As a watercolor artist, her expertise is in painting animals, with birds in particular. Through her distinctive manipulation of brushwork and water technique, she creates dream-like and mystical scenes, capable of bringing her viewers on a journey and voyage through their imagination. It is a story. To Ze Ze, birds are such dynamic living creatures, they could be in flocks; have times of solitude; be flying from branch to branch, or sitting still and being observant. In such, she aims to capture the essence and character of each little animal rather than a simple accuracy in anatomy and technical precision. It is through the creation of its atmosphere, the different feelings of happiness; sadness; or spontaneity is brought out and experienced with the viewer.

As an advocate for watercolor and the arts, Ze Ze joined the International Watercolor Society in 2015. Since then, she has put tremendous effort into the organization, a society with over 90 country branches around the world. Currently serving as the Vice President of this society, exhibitions, watercolor events like workshops and seminars are organized, promoting and encouraging art enthusiasts and professional artists alike to take part in the sharing and learning of this art form. In 2016, Ze Ze also started the publishing of the International Watercolor Bilingual Magazine, further expanding and bringing together the watercolor talents of the east and the west.

Her work has been widely exhibited all over the world in Asia, Europe and America and had won numerous awards.


  • President of the International Watercolor Society of Hong Kong (IWS Hong Kong)
  • Vice President of International Watercolor Society (IWS Global)
  • Chief Editor, International Watercolor Magazine
  • Gallery Director of Rainze Gallery in Hong Kong
  • Consultant of Hong Kong Teacher’s Watercolor Research Centre
  • Founder and Art Director of Evercare Cards in Hong Kong.
  • Artist member of the Society of Animal Artist
  • Signature member of Northwest Watercolor
  • Society
 Supporting artist of “Artists Against Extinction” Society


  • 2018 Oct: Breath of Autumn Watercolor Exhibition, Hong Kong
  • 2018 Oct: Hong Kong Watercolor Society Annual Member Show
  • 2018 Sep: 1st IWS Costa Rica International Watercolor Exhibition
  • 2018 Aug: 1st IWS Czech Republic International Watercolor Exhibition
  • 2018 Jun: Mid summer flowers exhibition, Hong Kong
  • 2018 Jun: Beyond the Clouds, Kunming International Art Week
  • 2018 Jun: Hong Kong International Artists Exhibition
  • 2018 May: Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair
  • 2018 May: Fabriano in Watercolor
  • 2018 May: Urbino Watercolor Festival
  • 2018 May: Northwest Watercolor Society Internatioal Juried Exhbitiion
  • 2018 April: Lousiana Watercolor Society Juried Exhibition
  • 2018 Mar: Waves of Color, 1st IWS Bangladesh International Watercolor Festival
  • 2018 Feb: Pearl of Peace, 2nd IWS Parkistan International Watercolor Biennale
  • 2018 Jan: 4th Teacher Watercolor Research Society Annual Show, Hong Kong
  • 2017 Dec: 2nd India International Watercolor Biennale
  • 2017 Nov: NWWS North West Watercolor Society Signature Show, Washington
  • 2017 Nov: IWS Bolivia International Watercolor Biennale, Bolivia
  • 2017 Oct: IWS Vietnam Biennale Watercolor and Love, Hanoi Vietnam
  • 2017 Oct: Hong Kong Watercolor Society Annual Member Show, Cultural Centre Hong Kong
  • 2017 Oct: The Capital of Iron of China Contemporary International Watercolor Painting Exhibition
  • 2017 Oct: 2nd Following Master International Exhibition & Drawing Camp of International Watercolor Masters
  • 2017 Oct: Lingang Shanghai International Watercolor Exhibition
  • 2017 Sep: Heritage@rt International Watercolor Exhibition, Indonesia
  • 2017 Sep: 4th Silk Road International Festival, Xian China
  • 2017 Aug: RE-INTERPRETATION 2017 – International Contemporary Watercolor Exhibition, Tian Zi Fang Art Center, Shanghai
  • 2017 Aug: Lushan International Watercolor Festival
  • 2017 Aug: 1st Jordan international watercolor forum 2017
  • 2017 Aug: 上善若⽔水, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Exhibition Hall
  • 2017 July: Chinese Watercolor Master Invitational Exhibition, Zeugma Mozaik Muzesi,Gaziantep Turkey
  • 2017 Jun: Wildlife Artist of the Year 2017, Mall Galleries, London
  • 2017 June: Hong Kong Guilin exchange exhibition “ Colors of early summer”
  • 2017 May: Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong
  • 2017 May: 1st Portugal international watercolor exhibition
  • 2017 May: Peace & Love : East & West Art Exchange Exhibition, Myanmar
  • 2017 May: Society of Watercolor Artist International Juried Exhibition
  • 2017 May: NWWS 77th Annual International Open Exhibition
  • 2017 May: The 1st Invitational Exhibition of Sino-Foreign Famous Works, Nanning, China
  • 2017 May: 5th Shenzhen City Art Fair
  • 2017 Apr: 1st Quito International Watercolor Exhibition
  • 2017 Apr: Watercolor in Fabriano 2017, Italy
  • 2017 Apr: 5th Shenzhen City Art Fair
  • 2017 Mar: 2nd Tirana International Watercolor Biennale, Albania
  • 2017 Feb: I dreamed a dream watercolor solo exhibition, Hong Kong
  • 2016 The Cider Painters of America 32nd Annual International Exhibit of Miniature Art.
  • 2016 Large size Format Watercolor Exhibition, Mexico 2016
  • 2016 IWS “Pearl of Peace” Through Watercolor Exhibition, Pakistan.
  • 2016 Fabriano in Watercolor 2016 Italy
  • 2016 Louisiana Watercolor Society Juried International Exhibition
  • 2016 Northwest Watercolor Society Juried International Exhibition
  • 2016 Society of Animal Artist International Exhibition, United States
  • 2016 David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year, Mall galleries, London
  • 2016 IWS Bulgaria International Watercolor Triennale
  • 2016 IWS Canada International Watercolor Festival
  • 2016 Watercolor International II Thessaloniki , Greece
  • 2016 Interpretation of Watercolor, Shanghai, China
  • 2016 World Watercolor Arts Biennale Thailand
  • 2016 Taiwan World Watercolor Competition and Exhibition
  • 2016 Love. United. 1st International Watercolor Biennale Hong Kong
  • 2016 Meet in Shanghai IWS China 1st International Watercolor Exhibition
  • 2016 Song of Water, Nanning, China
  • 2016 Mexico Alfredo Guati Rojo National Watercolor Museum Biennale
  • 2016 Sai Kung Art And About Exhibition, Hong Kong
  • 2015 International Watercolor Society of Hong Kong Exhibition 2015
  • 2015 Hong Kong Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition, Cultural Centre, Hong Kong
  • 2015 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong
  • 2015 24th International Miniature Art Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Virginia, USA
  • 2015 Society of Watercolor Artists International Juried Exhibition, TX , USA
  • 2015 The World Watercolor Triennial, Seoul Arts Center, Korea
  • 2015 David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year, Mall galleries, London
  • 2015 Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s 36th Annual International Juried Exhibition
  • 2015 Castra International Watercolor Biennial, Slovenia
  • 2015 International Watercolor Society Indonesia Love Earth Watercolor Exhibition
  • 2015 International Watercolor Society Albania International Watercolor Festival
  • 2015 Open Water Canadian Painters in Watercolor Juried Exhibition.
  • 2015 1st International Watercolor Society India Biennale 2015
  • 2014 David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year, Mall galleries, London
  • 2014 “Closer” A Miniature Contemporary Art Show, Pubart gallery, Hong Kong
  • 2014 81st Annual International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature, Washington, USA
  • 2015 40th Annual International Miniature Art Show, MASF, Florida, USA


  • 2017 Jury Committee, IWS UAE International Watercolor Festival
  • 2017 Jury Committee, Turkey Gaziantep Watercolor Festival
  • 2017 Jury Committee, India International Watercolor Biennale
  • 2017 Jury Committee , International Watercolor Society 2017 IWS Magazine Online contest
  • 2017 Jury Committee , 2nd Tirana Albania International Watercolor Biennale
  • 2017 Jury Committee, 1st Portugal International Watercolor Exhibition
  • 2016 Jury Committee, IWS Pakistan International Watercolor Online Contest
  • 2016 Jury Committee, IWS Arab Nations International Watercolor Online Contest
  • 2014 Judge, “ World Oral Health Day” Painting Competition, Oral Health Department
  • 2004 Judge , The Salvation Army’s “Springs of Joy” Drawing Competition
  • 2001 Adjudicator, “ Little Drop’s Marvelous Journey Four box Comic Drawing Competition”, Water Supplies Department
  • 2001 Jury Committee, Children Painting competition, Water Department


  • 2018 ‘Premio Tláloc’ International exhibition, Mexico
  • 2018 NWWS International Watercolor Exhibition Jury Award
  • 2017 NWWS North West Watercolor Society Special Recognition Award
  • 2017 1st Quito International Watercolor Exhibition 3rd Place Award
  • 2016 Thailand Watercolor Exposition Watercolor Director Award
  • 2016 Society of watercolor artist Juried Exhibition Jury Award
  • 2016 World Watercolor Arts Biennale Thailand Watercolor Director Award


  • Ze Ze’s Watercolor Collection “I dreamed a dream”
  • The Essence Of Watercolor
  • Masters of Watercolor
  • China Contemporary Watercolor No. 4
  • International Watercolor Artists
  • Strokes of Genius 8
  • Strokes of Genius 9
  • Evercare Cards 10th Anniversary Collection

Ze Ze's Artworks

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